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VR Tech for You

Keri and Dan put VR Technology to work every day.  You should too! Make the most of every 24 hours!

Attract the "Right" Visitors

Automatically share posts and blogs that reflect your unique expertise to attract traffic that "looks like" your past successes

Get High Conversion Rates

Latest technology to convert the Buyer and Seller visitors into active leads for you, without "smarmy" sales pitches.

Use Technology to Scale  

Automated Online Marketing eliminates the drudgery of the most repetitive tasks freeing you for the higher level ones.

Home Value Guide

More than any other seller lead magnet (even Zestimate!) this workhorse consistently delivers Seller connections that turn to business for you! Time-tested, Proven! 

Neighborhood Pages

A Technology-rich local Story - including MLS integration, Yelp, School Digger, tax record stats and even U.S. Census data - demonstrates that you are the local Expert. HyperLocal!

How It Works

Let VR technology become your best asset.  Dominate online. Watch business come to you!

What They Say!

The Keri Shull Team and hundreds of other leading teams highly recommend us.

“We rely on Virtual Results to provide the latest marketing automation to The Keri Shull Team to deliver cost-effective technology solutions that work! The VR team is steeped in the Agent business and they just "get it"!

Keri Shull, Founder, The Keri Shull Team

"We trust Virtual Results technology to help us deliver on the tenets of the HyperFast Agent philosophy. Technology needs to work for us, not the other way around! Ryan understands that and consistently delivers great results."  

Dan Lesniak, Founder, The Keri Shull Team

"We LOVE to work with the Keri Shull Team and the HyperFast Agents. The excitement and professionalism is contagious and we enjoy being a part of their success.”

Ryan Rockwood, President, Virtual Results

"With their strong Agent and Team background, Virtual Results is a pleasure to work with. They understand our situation and preemptively offer solutions...sometimes even before we ask! I recommend them heartily."

Tyler Marrin, Director of Marketing, The Keri Shull Team

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 Count on us to keep the HyperFast Agent pace and never stop innovating for you!

HyperFast Portal

$199 mo

$1,495 SETUP

All Features of the HVG™ Site, PLUS;

  • Immersive Map/Grid Search
  • HyperLocal Neighborhood Pages™ 
  • Marketing Automation Package*
  • STP Pages  - All About You
  • Calendar Scheduler Built-in
  • Custom Design - no Templates
  • Link to CRM of your Choice

Normally $1,995 & $299/mo

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HyperFast Portal Pro

$2,500 mo

$1,495 SETUP

  • Sophisticated Ad Management Done for You (includes a Ad Spend)
  • Sitewide Retargeting
  • Marketing Automation for Buyer and Seller Leads
  • Altos Research Market Research Pages
  • CloudCMA
  • Integrated CRM
  • Live Concierge Chat Service - 24/7/365

All Features of the HyperFast Portal, PLUS;

Normally $1,995 & $3,000/mo